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Meet the Owner


My name is Grace Cromer

I am the Owner of Grace upon Grace Boutique! 

Grace upon Grace has been through many changes over the years. This started out as a dream I realized in a parking lot of my hometown and after 5 years of dreaming I finally made it a reality! 

I wanted a children's boutique with everything from bows and cute sets to diaper bags and cribs. I also wanted a place where children with special needs would feel welcomed and loved. 

Grace upon Grace has traditional and adpative lines for newborns and infants.

Our Tradition lines have everything from boy onesies to girly polka dot onesies to bows and dresses! I love shopping for cute traditional infant clothing to place in the shop! The traditional line is the biggest line we have and we are always getting in new items so be on the lookout!

It has also been my mission from the very beginning to create a place where infants with special needs will feel comfortable and included. I never want them to feel out of place and I wanted to find a way to make the lives of the parents a little bit easier. 

The adaptive line has pieces that I buy at market that are not neccesarily adpative but that I find to be helpful with snap placements and openings. This line also has items in it that I have designed and had made for specific purposes. As this business grows so will the adaptive items! 

Grace upon Grace is my dream. My dream of owning a childrens boutique and shopping for little ones. My heart for special needs children is huge and I am so thankful for a business that allows me to do both



If you have any questions about me or my business please reach out! 

Owner and Founder, Grace Cromer